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Oliver Black en Streaming

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Oliver Black

Vendredi, a young African boy, crosses the desert in pursuit of the circus in Morocco. He meets an elder "White Man," aiming to attend his granddaughter's wedding, but has lost his camel. Together, they face the harsh environment, developing a father and son bond. They explore the wonder of humanity and their unique vision for the future. "White Man" is injured while saving Vendredi's life, who carries "white man" the rest of the way. Only to confront the ultimate betrayal. Vendredi finds himself in a circus more devastating than anything he had envisioned: ISIS. He becomes Oliver Black.+

Genre: Drame

Pays: Maroc

Années: 2020

Qualités: BDrip

Langues: French

Acteurs: Mohamed Elachi, Modu Mbow, Ilham Oujri

Réalisé: Tawfik Baba

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