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Ghoster en Streaming

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When a mysterious letter appears on the day they are being evicted, Elizabeth and her father can’t believe their luck to discover they've inherited Echoville Manor, a sprawling, thirty-seven room estate. Upon arriving, Elizabeth finds that the mansion is inhabited by the world’s cutest spirit, Ghoster, who has been trapped within a mirrored prison there for fifty years. Together, they must uncover the secrets to Echoville to free Ghoster before the nefarious Yuto captures her soul as well in his quest for immortality.+

Genre: Aventure / Famille / Fantastique

Pays: USA

Années: 2022

Qualités: HDrip

Langues: French

Acteurs: Sophie Proctor, Josh Escayg, J.R. Brown, Rachel G. Whittle

Réalisé: Ryan Bellgardt

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